Accurate Federal Camp Counseling takes pride in the positive effects that have been realized not only with my book but with the counseling that has prepared many for attending Federal Prison Camp. The testimonials that follow are reflective of the many campers families and friends that have benefited from the advantages of our counsel.

Many testimonial participants have already or soon will be going home and appreciate the peace of mind that they received with the services we provided.

Your perspective and advice on what I should expect as I prepared for my time in Federal Camp was awesome. I passed your book to many loved ones so their fears would be calmed about my incarceration. I would recommend your counseling to anyone who may be entering Camp. Very enlightening.

- Andrew K.

I contacted John after speaking to a mutual acquaintance. The time he spent with me eased my mind upon sentencing. Knowing the details on how Federal Camp operates made the transition much easier. He spoke with my wife and eased all her concerns. The time spent with him made the difference of knowing what to expect and how to navigate my time spent before, during and after Federal camp. Worth every dollar spent.
Thank you John.

- Ian K.

Having received your good counsel on how to ready myself for my time in Federal Camp was invaluable. The info contained in your book also satisfied not only mine but my family and friends inquiries about what to expect. Thank you for not only the interview but your book that were both well worth the cost!

- Ron M.

After speaking to you I felt more prepared to deal with Life in Federal camp. My family especially liked the patience you exhibited while talking with them. I recommend your services to everyone that is faced with doing time in Camp.

- Varden U.

Thank you for the information on Camp. My family was also relieved after I shared it with them.

- Edgar Y.

After speaking with John, it really helped calm my fears and my entire families regarding what I was facing going to Federal Camp. Your suggestion on having a plan while I was in Camp really helped me get through it.

- George B.

It was comforting to know that all my questions about what to expect at Taft Camp were satisfied. Thanks also for the book that you gave my family regarding Camp. It was very helpful in answering their concerns.

- Ray T.

I want to inform you that at Accurate Federal Camp Counseling, my doubts and concerns in regards to spending time in a Camp were accurately answered, as well as my wife's. After interviewing with Accurate Federal Camp Counseling, what a great relief my wife and I had, specifically in regards to what to expect during my stay in a Camp. Your true advice helped me do my time as well as addressing all of my family's concerns. I recommend your services to each and every person who is facing time in a Federal Camp. If you do not know what to expect at a Camp and you're facing time, you must consult with Accurate Federal Camp Counseling. Thank you John, on behalf of my brothers, wife, and I.

- Osman N.