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Accurate Federal Camp Counseling strives to give you the most informative feedback on what you can expect before, during and after you go to Federal Prison Camp. Below is a partial list of the services we provide.

The Book $29.99

- "From Country Club to Federal Prison Camp. A former Mayor's guide on how to survive Camp" is a must read for anyone facing the possibility of Federal Prison Camp. Interviews or counseling sessions aren't for everyone and therefore the book will definitely help you with an overview of what lies ahead of you at a Federal Prison Camp.

AFCC is offering an all-inclusive interview session either on the phone or in person for a limited time to the first who take advantage of this opportunity for only $499.00. This Special Offer includes: a copy of the book, From Country Club to Federal Prison Camp! Take advantage of this offer while it lasts to secure your time to meet and discuss how Federal Prison Camp works before it's too late! The counseling session process is a calming session that will satisfy your concerns and thoughts that flood your senses about what Federal Camp is "really like!" We at AFCC will work with you to meet your schedule when it comes to counseling. We understand how busy one becomes once they are faced with the experience of indictment or going to Federal Prison Camp. Let us help you put all your fears to rest with our "at ease" counseling!

Phone Interview

- Contact us to set up your interview. A ONE HOUR interview is the minimal amount of time for basic questions, answers and feedback. Refer to the "Par Plan." A TWO HOUR interview will cover more ground and is the most requested. Refer to the "Birdie Plan." An interview that allows UP TO 4 HOURS and includes time spent over the course of multiple calls for your convenience. Refer to the "Eagle Plan." Note: All phone interviews include a free copy of the Survival Book.

In Person Interview

- On occasion some clients want to meet in person to conduct their interview. It's been my experience however, that most people facing Federal time get more out of a face to face Q&A session than reading about it in a book if that opportunity is available. Books are valuable tools and can be referred to for details at anytime but they can't convey the feeling that a personal one on one meeting will accomplish. The above formats apply. The site of the interview will determine the additional fee to be added due to accommodating the clients location or use of our office. These fees vary due to the travel and time of day costs. We do our best to satisfy all requests. "CALL US TODAY TO DISCUSS WHICH INTERVIEW WORKS BEST FOR YOU!"

Family Counseling
- Your family can call us while your incarcerated and we will be available to assist them by answering any questions (at no additional charge to them) to the best of our ability.

Attorney Services:

We offer a consulting service that will compliment any criminal attorneys entree to assist their clients. Our counseling of what clients can expect with entering a Federal Prison Camp will greatly enhance any attorney's full in house package. We will come to your office to meet by phone or in person to accommodate your clients needs. Contact us today to discuss our discount Professional Fee schedule.

Professional Referrals:

Accurate Federal Camp Counseling as part of its overall services will refer Competent Qualified Legal Services. This life altering experience can necessitate assistance with: Bankruptcy, Separation, Divorce, Trusts and Wills and Business Law. You may also be faced with selling off assets. Vehicles, Jewelry, Residences and Real estate to include Notary and Bail Bonds and Tax Accounting. Through our connections we may be able to point you in the right direction. "REMEMBER TIME IS SHORT!"

Sentencing Memorandums:

Having a professional write a Memorandum on your behalf to the Judge can greatly enhance helping reduce your sentence or Plea Agreement. Our referral can help!

Guest Speaking/Seminars:

Contact us to schedule an informative look into how the Federal Camp System works from Soup to Nuts. Locations and size of your group will determine fees which will generally include my story and Camp experience, my how to survive Camp book for all in attendance and a question and answer forum.

Service Club Speaking:

All the above etc.