Frequently Asked Questions

Accurate Federal Camp Counseling through our experience guarantees to answer all your questions regarding Federal Prison Camp. Remember, all questions are taken seriously. (Below is a sample of some of the questions that are asked. When you employ our services we will answer these questions and any others that you can think of as we ready you for an easy transition to Camp Life.)

Accurate Federal Camp Counseling will strive to answer all your questions and give you solid information to assist you but will not give any type of legal advice. This service is about letting you know as much as possible about the actual day to day life. We encourage you to make a list of questions that concern you so that your interview time is maximized.

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Questions Most Asked

*The above are only a sampling of the ground to be covered with Counseling and much more. We always suggest to make your own list of questions and concerns so we cover your inquiries as well!