About Us

John Pomierski

Accurate Federal Camp Counseling came about as a direct result of the fears, anxieties and all the other misconceptions that I had formulated over the years by watching prison movies and cable TV. I felt compelled to ease the transition for those that came after me so that not only them but their loved ones wouldn't go through what I did. There wasn't any information readily available when I searched for clues about what to expect. I talked to friends of friends about their experience even read of another's time in Camp but they all failed to give me the satisfaction and most importantly the peace of mind I was looking for.

As the former Mayor of Upland, California, an upper middle class City in the Inland Empire; I decided that as part of doing my time I would do something positive. So I chose to write an in-depth book that chronicled just what doing time in Taft Federal Camp consisted of. My book titled, "From Country Club to Federal Prison Camp, a former Mayor's Guide to Survival based on his time spent in Federal Prison Camp." This book is basically a Soup to Nuts Version of how everything works while incarcerated.

Being the Mayor for over ten years and then to be suddenly placed in Federal Custody on a two year sentence was plenty of a shock, to not only me but my family and friends.

By surviving this journey and putting in writing the mechanics of the day to day grind that Camp can be if you're not prepared or don't have a plan on how you do your time, can be devastating. My book guides you through the basic aspects of what you will be facing so there are no surprises.

The counseling services that I started has resulted because of the never ending backlog of future campers and what I know to be their necessity to the information I now possess. Together with my book and the private counseling that is now available through Accurate Federal Camp Counseling, you have the ability to be prepared for your stint in Federal Camp. My goal is to alleviate any fears or misconceptions that may be out there and to assist you and your loved ones so that everyone's experience is one made easier. We at Accurate Federal Camp Counseling have been in your situation and our services are here for you to take advantage of.

Do yourself a favor and call or contact us at Accurate Federal Camp Counseling and get the peace of mind you deserve today!

John Pomierski
Founder - Accurate Federal Camp Counseling