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Accurate Federal Camp Counseling is a service that provides interviews on the phone or in person designed to calm your fears and give you tips on how to survive Federal Prison Camp. Preparing your family and friends on what to expect before, during and after Federal Prison Camp is a must. Our book on "How to Survive Federal Prison Camp," will not only serve as a valuable information tool on Federal Prison Camp life but is "Free" to all who take advantage of our private counseling services. Because one of the many that now have Peace of mind because of my time spent in Federal Prison Camp and relieve your anxiety today! Contact us so we can help you before your time runs out so we can prepare you for your stay in Federal Prison Camp Now!

Federal Prison Camp Locations (Male and Female)

There are many Federal Camp locations throughout the U.S. It really doesn't matter which Federal Camp that you may be headed to because they are all run with the same Bureau of Prison (BOP) guidelines. So call us to discuss what lies ahead of you. We can help ease those fears and answer the questions that will calm those anxious thoughts you are now experiencing!